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Kim Kardashian Video Game On Track To Earn $200 Million - Videogames, Kim Kardashian : People.com

The World in Pictures: See the 10 Best Photos of the Week The free Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game app, released June 25, may reach a whopping $200 million in annual revenue, making it just another jewel in the Kardashian clan's already polished crown, Bloomberg reports . On top of that projection, shares for the creator, Glu Mobile Inc., have risen to 42 percent since the launch. The game, available for both Apple and Android products, lets users navigate Mrs. Kanye West 's posh L.A. lifestyle, from hitting up the hottest parties to sidestepping shade-throwing Tweeters. And while the game is free, it makes money off advertising and in-app purchases. "This project has been an amazing experience," Kardashian told E!

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