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Kim Kardashian Goes Makeup-free On Instagram|webpronews

(img src='http://i.imgur.com/P48bewJ.jpg' width='200px' style='float: left; padding:5 px' />) The fact superstar got fairly a mixed reaction on the image-sharing website, with some telling her to stick to makeup and also others reassuring her that shes attractive no matter what. While its not the initial time the celebrity has been caught on film with a bare face, its one of only a few considering that, as she informed The Mirror, she thinks she looks strange without make-up on. I feel strange when I do not put on make-up! I do not acknowledge myself, she stated. Kardashian likewise drew quite a few compliments last week when she published an image of herself wearing a bodice for waist training, which drew in her middle and made her hourglass figure a lot more popular. Kim Kardashian Goes Makeup-Free On Instagram 15 minutes ago

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