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Kim Kardashian Attacks Khloe: Kim Shouldn?t Kick Sis When She?s Down - Hollywood Life

Kim Kardashian Attacks Khloe Khloes going to travel alone and its going to cost a ton of money. Not surprisingly, Khloe isnt really interested in your opinion, Kim, about what does or doesnt make sense. Shes feeling down about the long and sad demise of her once happy marriage to Lamar Odom , and yes, I think she IS a bit jealous of you. You have it ALL right now, Kim. After your own miserable first two marriages, you have finally found true love and happiness with Kanye West , and youre also a mother to adorable baby North West .Khloe just doesnt have any of that. But you know shes been totally supportive of you through all of your own past marital and divorce troubles, and through the building of your loving relationship with Kanye. That said, she cant help but have a little bit of an envy moment when shes watching you take endless selfies during the trip for a special selfie book that youre putting together for Kanye.

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