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Former Philadelphia Eagle Irving Fryar, His Mother Allegedly Netted More Than $690,000 Fraudulently

The indictment handed up in October says Fryar and McGhee worked with a third, unnamed person, who was not charged, to hatch the scheme. At yesterdays court hearing, McGhees lawyer, Mark Farrah video Fury, said his client and her son were the victims of a scam, not the perpetrators. Thats why were here, ... because this one crooked man did business with a famous name, Fury said yesterday. The only name that was interesting to the feds was the famous name Irving Fryar. Fryar himself received or spent more than $200,000 of the fraudulently obtained loan money, prosecutors said. Fury said in court yesterday that all of the money Fryar spent went to his church, New Jerusalem House of God on Washington Street in Mount Holly. view site... Kurzawa offered a plea deal to Fryar that calls for him to spend five years in prison, and offered a deal to McGhee that calls for three years of incarceration. Kurzawa said that, given the seriousness of the crime, Fryars bail should be $100,000, but Fryars attorney, Michael Gilberti, said Fryar is not a flight risk.
More http://www.nj.com/mercer/index.ssf/2014/01/former_philadelphia_eagle_irving_fryar_his_mother_allegedly_netted_more_than_690000_in_fraudulent_lo.html

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